Basic Buildings to be Built with Mobile Strike

mobile strike

Mobile Strike mobile game is a free-to-play game that can be used on any Android and iOS device. Constructing buildings, defeating enemies have a good armory are important. Constructing building in your base is essential both for power and production. Each building has specific purpose and is useful to acquire boosts. With the help of construction boosts, you can build many buildings. Your commander should be equipped with the best gear before starting a building. You can also acquire boosts and gold through Mobile Strike Hack.

Building Buildings

There are basic buildings to be constructed before proceeding with other buildings. The Armory, Bank, Embassy, Combat Lab, Death Row, Farm, Gold Mine, Headquarters, Hall of Heroes, Hospital, Iron Mine, Memorial, Prison, Quarry, Research Facility, Radar Station, Training Ground, Troop Academy, Vault, War Room and Warehouse are some of the buildings required in the base layout. The building level 22 has been released. HQ22, Prison 22, War Room 22, etc., have additional facilities included to make the game more interesting and complex to proceed. The Second Queue is also available wherein two buildings can be built or upgraded simultaneously. When you buy the Second Build Queue pack, it gets unlocked. To know the available queues, you can tap on the hammer icon to know about it.


The Armory is the place where you manufacture various equipments for the army and get the gear required for the commander. You can choose the Manufacture, Gold, Combine Section, etc., to go to the items you require. When you go to Manufacture, you can choose the required items for your troop such as weapons and helmets. You have to choose from the available equipments according to your need. There are many materials ranging from gold to grey. Each color has its own boost and you get the boosts according to the color chosen. If you choose gold you will have to collect the golden material first. You can also go into the Combine section to get the combination that you require. Once you collect the material you can manufacture the required equipment. The Armory can be upgraded which gives extra speed bonus for higher manufacturing.  There are many levels and time slots for each requirement at each level.


The Headquarters or HQ provides you with vital information about the base and the army. Information like the number of troops, the deployments available, the number of troops that can be set for each deployment, production of resources, the capacity of resource production, etc., can be gathered here. As the HQ gets upgraded, new infrastructure and features get unlocked. The deployment capacity increases with each level and an alliance gets added. Your troop has to be trained as there are chances of troop death. Troop death may occur outside your base or when your base is attacked. Knowledge on how the hospital works, how many hospital beds are available and the healing works are also important aspects to be learnt. Learning to play the game comes with experience and resources.

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