Playing Pixel Gun 3D Game Is Easy With The New Features

I find that playing multiplayer mode in Pixel Gun 3D game is more useful and beneficial. The main features of the multiplayer mode are that I can play it on a worldwide basis, though local connection type is also available. I could choose from more than 35 unique maps that come in different sizes and shapes. Along with that, I had a wide variety of weaponry at my disposal to choose from. I had sniper rifles, energy weapons, rocket launchers and magic weapons as well. I could add up to ten players in a game with whom I could also make the team to play the game.

Playing multiplayer mode as a team makes it even more effective as I could make proper planning and strategies for my next move by discussing it with my team members. All this is possible due to the new chat feature and friends system that has been introduced in the Pixel Gun 3D game. I can now talk with my friends while battling with my enemies in the several online modes of gameplay. Out of the different modes, I found few very interesting and exciting of which the Deadly Games, Deathmatch, flag capture, Team battle, Point capture and coop survival especially attracted my fancy.

My pixel man fought a large number of frightening zombies in the middle of the night exceptionally well and came out of the awful situation only because I played the Pixel Gun 3D game in the multiplayer mode. However unexpected was the attack, I always had the proper strategy to deal with it and come out of it with a carefully designed plan. The zombies come from all sides and corners, and therefore I had to make the choice of the weapon precise so that I could make more effective kills.

pixel gun 3d guns

The story mode is also another which I liked every much which had its distinguishing features. There are several locations that are unique making the world a completely different one from the ordinary ones in Pixel Gun 3D game. The enemies I found were also of a different kind and that is why the weapons provided in this mode are also unique and different from others. The plot of this mode is very interesting as it resembled that of a colorful comic book plot. All this enabled me to polish my killing skills to emerge as the final winner of the game.

Going to the highest level of the game requires a lot of kills and careful selection of weapons. And just like any other game, nothing comes for free in the virtual gaming world. I had to maintain a considerable amount of resources with me at all times. Therefore, I never missed any opportunity that came my way while playing the game to take up the challenge so that I was rewarded with gems, coins, points and other rewards. Though I knew all the time that I could always rely on the Pixel gun 3d hack for my resource generation, I seldom used it as the new and old features of the game itself are very helpful.

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